Residential Lawn Care Services

Best Lawn Care Services in Markham, ON

Markham Property Management landscaping services are the keys to a healthy lawn. Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It is important that your living areas shine both inside and out. It’s also important that the people who service your property can give you peace of mind. Our exceptional service goes hand in hand with our exceptional product.

We offer a 7 month plan to ensure proper growth, overall plant health, increase property value and minimize your lawns requirements for pest control. We will customize a package for your lawn care needs.

You can choose from individual lawn services we offer below:

Residential Landscaping Services

Residential Weekly/Bi-weekly Grass Cutting

We at Markham Property Management consider weather and your water system when customizing a maintenance plan. This is to ensure we can keep your grass healthy throughout the summer.

Weekly/biweekly Grass Cutting

We determine how often your grass needs to be cut, by monitoring weather and your watering system. Based on the information, we provide service once a week to every 10 days. We also do our best, (weather permitting) to cut your grass towards the end of the week, so your backyard is ready to be enjoyed over the weekend!

Example for changes in your weekly/Biweekly Services

Weekly Cuts
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Irrigation System
Bi-weekly Cuts
  • High Humidity with minimum rain
  • Cooler Temps with minimum rain

Trimming & Prunning

Trimming & Pruning

We service trees and shrubs/bushes when in need of a trim or prune. We monitor weather conditions and your plants growth, to keep your plants healthy and to maintain its beauty.

Tree Service

When it comes to your large trees, we will have a licensed Arborist evaluate your property.

Tree Service Tree Service


Fertilization provides essential nutrients to the soil and grass.


This ensures the health of your lawn, and will provide protection from weather including extremely hot and dry conditions we received during July and August.

We at Markham Property Management provide Fertilization of your grass up to 4 times a season; Spring, Mid/late Summer and Fall.


Aeration is a mechanical/manual process of removing cores of soil from the ground.

Aeration Aeration

This is a vital process in order to keep your lawn healthy. This eliminates pooling of water. We at Markham Property Management recommend aeration process in early spring, or late fall.


Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into the existing turf, without tearing up the soil.

Over Seeding Over Seeding

A simple way to fill in any bare spots, increase the thickness, and improve the colour of your lawn.

Grass Seeds (Overseeding) will give you a thicker lawn, with better colour and resistance to disease and drought.

We, at Markham Property Management recommend this process when rain is in the forecast, or you will be following the treatment with regular watering.


Your backyard should be your paradise. Let Markham Property Management help with some curb appeal and brighten up your front and back yards with some planting of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Planting Planting

Our experts can help determine the best plants that will flourish in your front and back yard. From the growers to your home, delivered and installed!

We can help you plant:

  • Flowers (Annuals,Perennials)
  • Shrubs
  • Tress

Sod Installation

Do you require new sodd, or need replacement?

Sod Installation Sod Installation

Let Markham Property Management help you remove your sodd and replace it with fresh and healthy sodd.

We can help with material, delivery and installation

Contact us for a free quotation!

River Rocks Delivery and Installation

Decorative rock adds a dynamic, natural element to your landscape. These stones create a dramatic affect when used in ponds and stream beds as well as around tree's, walk ways, driveways and patio's. River rocks can also be used to help protect drainage area's from erosion. Beach Pebble can also be used on the topsoil of potted plants to add texture and beauty, as well as help retain moisture.

River Rocks Installation River Rocks Installation
  • Stones are unpolished for a natural look in your garden or landscape project.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors for unique decorative accent
  • Stones protect soil from temperature extremes and restrain the growth of weeds
Do you only require the material and delivery, we can help! Contact us for a free quotation!

Mulch and Soil Delivery and Installation

Is your property in need of some fresh mulch or soil?

Mulch & Soil delivery and installation Mulch & Soil delivery and installation

Let Markham Property Management help freshen up the garden beds with some bright coloured mulch or topsoil. We will determine how much material is required, plus include delivery and installation.

Do you only require the material and delivery, we can help!

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Garden Beds Cleanup Service

Is your property in need of a professional cleanup?

Garden Beds cleanup Service Garden Beds cleanup Service

Are your existing gardens overgrown and in need of a facelift? Markham Property Management provides high-impact garden renovations for your garden.

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